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Quickly and easily make information about almost anything available to millions of wireless users. Just type your information in the box, provide your email address, and post. We'll create a mobile optimized page with your information and assign it a unique insty ID and QR code.

Then, using the insty ID or QR code, people can read about your car, your house, your business, your product or service. You get the idea. Nothing fancy. Just pure information. Put your insty ID on signs, business cards, promotional items, product labels, in advertisements, and much more. The possible uses are endless.

No HTML is allowed, however, any website or email addresses entered will be converted to links. There is a 5,000 character limit, so don't hold back. We'll also send a special link to edit or delete your post anytime.

Gateway Feature: Maybe you already have a mobile website, but you realize that sending people there from a mobile device isn't always easy if you have a long domain name or need to deep link to specific pages. Using the gateway feature, can quickly direct visitors to your pages with a simple ID number and our short, easy-to-remember web address, or instant QR code. To use the gateway feature, enter only the URL of your page wrapped with the gateway tags into the information box. Visitors to your insty ID will be forwarded to the page automatically. [GATEWAY][/GATEWAY]

Page Title: Add a page title that that displays in a larger bold font and will also show in the browser bar and history. [TITLE]My Page Title[/TITLE]